Chamilo Stats

Total Chamilo portals installed (cumulative, by month) [2019-09-15]

Total Chamilo user accounts created (cumulative, by month) [2019-09-15]

Total Chamilo courses created (cumulative, by month) [2019-09-15]

Total Chamilo course-sessions created (cumulative, by month) [2019-09-15]

(*) Last 26 months. Months between 2017-09 and 2018-03 had a logic issue, fixed at the end of 2018-03.

Ranges of portal sizes (in users) [2019-09-15]

Top 20 default portal languages(**) [2019-09-15]

(**) Only portals with more than 65 users updated over the last 26 months

Versions installed [2019-09-15]

Courses created per Chamilo version [2019-09-15]

Users created per Chamilo version [2019-09-15]